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Tough Link Connector systems is a unique design and the engineering allows for most floating structures to be retro-fitted. Accommodating all designs and applications needed. Ensuring strong connections, for uses on barges, push tugs, and ship dry docks. Designed for tight gaps, and if needed, built-in attachment points, built-in spud well, no protrusions, and reducing on-site modifications.

The overall design has been taken into consideration, obstacles and problems which have occurred in utilizing modular floating barges. Our connection system is designed to connect most barges, large and small.


Starting with the linking pockets, our quick link design offers simple easy connecting when being assembled in bad conditions. There are no male and female sides to consider when designing the layout.


An example, all portable barges can be connected side to side, end to end, and side to end.  When a design layout requires an open exposure in the center, our Tough Link Connector  system makes it easy. All pockets, at users discretion, may be covered for a smooth and level surface or exposed for quick and easy access. The locking systems offers maximum strength to assure users layout conforms with the required application.

The Tough Link Connector can be removed quick and easy, thus allowing other components to be attach with ease. This unique design also allows the user with easy decisions and options when attaching special components. In noted issues and problems by barge users in day to day operations, our design allows any of our pocket linking connectors to be removed allowing the user to take advantage of the space to attach their equipment, ramps, or components without adding obstacles, protrusions, or unwanted hazards to the outside perimeter of the modular barge system. This addresses safety issues for  loading, unloading, or tying an incoming vessel. The unique pocket engineering also allows for end user to adhere custom components of their own design and choice.

A Tough Link Connector is engineered and designed for many applications. Our unique design offers connecting strength in several  solutions in the marine industry.


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The dreadful disassemble of most portable modular barge systems over its service time has had problems. Over time and in most cases the barge system has been in service for several years. This has created disassembly issues where rocks, concrete, tar, and other top side debris has fallen and gotten lodge into connecting spaces. This has created disassembly difficult and time consuming and in some cases leading to cutting the barges. Adding more problems, in some cases, brackish water organisms have grown sealing underwater gaps and extending the time consuming disassembly even longer.


We have addressed these issues in our design! With easy access to all link connecting pockets allows the user exposure to disassemble any configuration. 

Dry Docks

An example of constructing Dry Docks our connection system can be used to completely build one or can be retro-fitted to extend an existing dry dock. Even designed to extend the walls as needed. Utilizing our connection system allows the ship yard an option to extend their existing structure.

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Push Boats & Tugs

Most push boats and tugs can be designed during construction or be retro-fitted with our connection system to offer a secure attachment to whatever floating structure they are moving. In most cases, pushing a barge, will offer  a safe and secured attachment when navigating.

Our Tough Link Connector system offers many solutions in the marine industry. Above is just a few applications.


What do you need connected?

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